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[ Final Fantasy VIII ]
The Final Fantasy VIII Voice Project is a very large one focused on getting the most agreeable english cast through use of voting by fans and writing an easy to listen to OR watch (in shockwave) script.

This is our first production, and although it is a slow progressing one in getting lines in from such a huge cast, it's also the main attraction of Wing Heart Productions.

Scenes available in compressed MP3 format or flash/shockwave (slideshow format). Various FMV scenes are also dubbed and ready to download, as well as original omake skits written by fans.

The main staff members of Final Fantasy VIII are UO (shockwave producing), Driftroot (script direction) and Rinoa (audio mixing).

Movies are in compressed AVI format. You may need the DIVX codec to view the files if you don't have it, try searching here. All of WHP's videos are in this format for quick download.