WHP ver.6 black-witch
[ Final Fantasy X ]
For more practice in dubbing, I decided to use the various clips made available at Playonline and other sites. Like the Crono Trigger dubs, I just quickly scout for cast members instead of holding auditions as they are short projects.

Translations were by dicetomato, friends and myself. We discussed what would be decent (North American) English equivalents for the lines to keep the characters' personalities intact. On top of that, we had to make our dialogue choices fit the mouths as close as possible to the original lip synching.

Scenes available in compressed AVI format. You may need the DIVX codec to view the files. If you don't have the codec, try searching here. All of WHP's videos are in this format for quick download.

The focus of these dubs was to make an equivalent mirror of the original casting, in English, and to avoid fully localizing. This process starts from the voice type, to the lines selected, to the disposition of voice. In other words, keeping the original intent of the Japanese game's sound intact.