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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]
What is this?
Radio plays, movie files and net dramas made online and available for download online. The voice actors record their voices and the crew mixes them together with music, sound effects, and effects are applied to their voices. It's all done for fun.

How do I record? I have a problem recording! etc etc
The crew can't help you with that. There are several forums where you can get help.

What if I can't send my lines in?
Then the understudy does your part or you may be recasted.

What happens after I audition?
Either you get a confirmation and/or reviews to do them over are sent. Audition files (if sent correctly) are stored and will be used for contacting you when the character(s) are casted.

What programs do you use?
We suggest downloading Cool Edit, Gold Wave, IParty, and ICQ

Are you guys professionals?
Some crew and cast members do have jobs in the entertainment industry. However, most are doing this for enjoyment.