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[ Final Fantasy VIII Answering Machines ]
All participating are the original cast members except: Quistis - Jenna, Norg - Cpt. Biggles.

Squall: ".....You know what to do."

Selphie: "Teehee! You've reached the Garden Festival! Oh, this is so much fun! Teehee! If you have any questions or news about the Garden Festival, or just want to say 'hi,' go right ahead and leave a message!"

Quistis: "Hello? Um, this is Quistis here. If you are one of the Trepies and want to go out with me, the answer is 'no'. Stop wasting time and study. If you are not... kindly leave a message."

Rajin: "Hi, you've reached Rajin, ya know? Im not here right now, ya know? So leave a message after the beep, ya kn--"

Fujin: ".........MESSAGE....."

Irvine: "Hey, this is Irvine and I can't get to my phone right now. Leave your name and number and I'll get back ASAP. If this is Selphie, the answer is 'yes', I will go out with you. Thanks."

Rinoa: "Hi, this is Ms. Heartilly, please leave a message at the-- Angelo, put that down! No don't run away with that cor--"

Angelo: "Woof woof woof woof woof (howl)!"

Zone: "Please leave a message and.... AHHH my stomach, not again..."

GeROgERo: "thIS iS GeROgERo. I CAn'T hOLd tHE phONe BeCAUse ONe haLF oF MY BoDY is TWicE tHE siZE of tHE oTHer. NoW iF I cOUld JuST, waIT, HoLD O--"

Seifer: "I'm out being someone's knight, so if this is a threat, don't even bother leaving a message because I'll find you and beat you up."

Squall: "Whatever..."

Pig Tail Girl: "Hi! I'm out at the moment so please leave a message after the beep. If you are one of my friends, press 1. If you are a stranger, press 2. If you are Zell, press 3! (Come on...Zell, call me...)"

Zell: "'sup, man! You've reached Zell. I'm off purchasing some goddam hotdogs, so no prob, you can leave a message. See ya!"

Cafeteria Lady: "Hey! If you are that kid who wants hotdogs, it is sold out! So, stop calling! If you are not, leave your darned message..."

Garden Faculty: "We are not present right now, so please leave your ID number and message, remember this answering machine is not a non-profit organisation, learn to be more generous when making your call."

Selphie: "(Fake accent) Ello, er. Dis ist Mister Dost and not Selphie... and no one called Irvine ever lived 'ere... in fact Irvine never existed... or me... or this phone call..."

Wedge: "Hi, you've called...er...ah...what was his name again? Damn it Biggs, this time for sure we're gonna get demoted!"

Biggs: "Hi, you've called us again and...err...ah...Not again you idiot!"

Ultimecia: "Greetings, if you are a seed: KURSE YOU!!!"

Irvine: "Hi, you have reached Irvine. To have someone shot, press 1. If you're a foxy lady looking to have a good time with a real man, press 2. If you're Selphie, just kidding about pressing 2, heh heh..."

Ellone: "Hi, you've reached Ellone. I'm busy sending someone to the past right now. If you want to be sent to the past, press 1. If you don't want to be sent to the past, press 2."

Squall: "..... ---wait (Oh no! I better say something cold..) ...whatever.."

Selphie: "I'm out par-taying so leave me a message after the scream. WOO-HOO!"


Laguna: "Hi, this is Laguna, even I know that this is an answering machine, but I just want to chat a litle so I can know you better! I'm Laguna Loire and I won't tell you how old I am because I don't want to talk about that, but there are a million other things that I want to talk abo--"

Quistis: "Please leave a short and efficient message after the beep, then continue studying."

Raijin: "Leave a message, ya know. I'll call back, ya know."

Ultimecia: "This call has never taken place. I will travel back through time to before you called and stop you from calling."

Selphie: "Message! Meeeeessage! Meeeeeeeeessssage!"